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Thursday, March 25, 2010

National Civil War Medicine Museum

From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Museum_of_Civil_War_Medicine

"The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is a U.S. historic education institution located in Frederick, Maryland. Its focus involves the medical, surgical and nursing practices during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

The 7,000 square-foot museum consists of five immersion exhibits that recreate aspects of Civil War medical issues: life in an army camp, evacuation of the wounded from the battlefront, a field dressing station, a field hospital and a military hospital ward. The exhibits incorporate surviving tools and equipment from the war, including the only known surviving Civil War surgeon’s tent, surgical kits, and items pertaining to veterinary medicine.[3]

In 2006, the museum, in cooperation with the U.S. National Park Service, began operating the Pry House Field Hospital Museum at the Antietam National Battlefield.[4] The same year, the museum made its first foray into book publishing with the release of Robert G. Slawson’s Prologue to Change: African Americans in Medicine in the Civil War Era.[5] The museum is also the organizer for an annual national conference on Civil War-era medicine.[6]"

Address: 48 East Patrick StreetFrederick, MD 21705

Phone: (301) 695-1864

Frederick Hours: Monday — Saturday 10am — 5pm, Sunday 11am — 5pm

Website: www.civilwarmed.org

Model created by drobbins of 3D Services. See it in Google Earth here.

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