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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Monitor in 3D by Andy Hall of the Dead Confederates blog

Andy Hall has really insightful views about the Civil War, please check out his blog here at Dead Confederates

Check out his latest blog about a 3D model he is building of the USS Monitor: I posted some of it here

New post on Dead Confederates, A Civil War Era Blog

U.S.S. Monitor Modeling

by Andy Hall
With the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Hampton Roads just a few days away, I'm hoping to get my digital model of U.S.S. Monitor finished soon. (Good thing the U.S. Navy was depending on Ericsson's Monitor, and not mine.) It still needs a fair amount of work -- especially at the stern, where I haven't even started with the rudder assembly -- but she's starting to look good topside. It's hard to see in most images, but all the deck porthole covers and coal scuttle covers are removable. The finished model, I hope, will be configurable to the different stages in her very brief naval career. A few more images in higher resolution are available here.