3D American Civil War in Google Earth

Friday, April 12, 2013

Battle of Fort Sumter Google Earth File

This is a repost about a Google Earth File I created that highlights the Battle of Fort Sumter which occurred 152 years ago today.

To commemorate the start of the Civil War on this 150th anniversary I have created a Google Earth file of the Battle of Fort Sumter

This file contains:
  • 3D version of Fort Sumter before it was attacked
  • 3D version of the Floating Battery of Charleston that was used to fire on Fort Sumter
  • Historical map overlays of the locations of various Confederate Batteries that fired on Fort Sumter.
  • These maps come from Library of Congress and the National Archives 
  • Geo-located Civil War Era photos of the damage Fort Sumter endured and the locations of the Confederate batteries. These photos also come from Library of Congress and the National Archives
  • Twitter Feeds of the Washington Post's twitter campaign of the Civil War
  • Links to Qwiki and Wikipedia articles and media about the Battle and various locations
Created by Darian Robbins of 3D Serves U (www.3dservesu.com). See it here in Google Earth here

If you just want to see Fort Sumter only. See it in Google Earth here


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