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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Abraham Lincoln's Family Home

From Google Warehouse

"Abraham and Mary Lincoln built this house in 1844 shortly after they got married. Originally built as a one story home, The Lincolns enlarged the building to its current state of 2 stories in 1856 to accommodate for their growing family. After winning the Presidential election 1860, the house became a magnet for visitors, parades, and other political festivities. After a farewell reception in 1861, Lincoln sold most of his furniture and rented the home. Since then, the home was designated a National Historic Landmark in December 19, 1960 and got enrolled in the National Register of Historic Places in October 15, 1966. The building has recently gone to through a renovation, restoring the house to its original 1860 condition. The house is open to the public and draws around a million visitors a year. Model by Jin Pak"

See the model in Google Earth

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